Fleet - XL Coach

Fleet XL Coach - Guest Capacity: 57-61


This coach is designed with a strong emphasis on guest comfort. It includes features such as USB charging points, a toilet, a fridge, and a full media system with two monitors. These amenities aim to enhance the overall experience for passengers during their journey. Passengers can conveniently charge their electronic devices using the USB charging points, ensuring that they stay connected and powered up while on the road. The full media system, along with two monitors, offers entertainment options to passengers, making the journey more enjoyable.

Fleet XL Coach Interior

Overall, this XL coach is well-equipped to provide a comfortable and entertaining travel experience, particularly for longer journeys or tours. It offers a range of amenities and the option for a knowledgeable guide to enhance the journey further.

• Reclining leather Seats

• Seat Belts

• Toilet

• USB Charging Points

• WiFi on request

• Fully Air-Conditioned

• Fridge

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